Our Wine Story

In 2021 we had a dream of promoting the Moldavian and Romanian wines on the Belgian market.

So, the story begins…

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One Nation

Wine Production

The history of wine cultivation in the Carpathian-Danubian-Pontic area begins with Vitis vinifera silvestris. It is the wild wine, which appeared here around 7000 BC. From this were extracted important varieties that are cultivated even today, among them, Feteasca Neagră.

”Where is Moldova?”

No matter where I traveled, I was always asked about my native country, Moldova. What did we produce and what we are well known for. As a typical Moldovan, I always answered – wine. This is something we do really well.

But, unfortnatelly, the reaction I received after my answer was either: ”Ah, yes. I have tasted it. But I cannot find it on the market.” or ” I have never seen it.”

The purpose of my project is to present to you the products of these two countries, Romania and Moldova and to show you that they have something special to offer on the wine market.
I have decided to present both of them, as historically, we were one single country, speaking one language, Romanian.

I hope you will enjoy this journey of discovering the wines from the East of Europe, by the selection we present to you.